Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina

Increasing Access to Literacy and Libraries for Native American Children and Families

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“Three Sweetest Gifts”
Told by: Lynette Dial, Supervisor & Program Coordinator Hoke County Public Library
Filmed by: Francell Productions

Total Books Disseminated

Robeson County Public Library177
Pembroke Elementary40
Pembroke Head Start100
Pembroke Boys & Girls Club300
TOTAL TO DATE (as of March 8, 2023)617

Little Free Libraries

Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina Partners

UNC PembrokeRobeson County Public LibraryPembroke Elementary SchoolPembroke Boys & Girls ClubPembroke Head Start
Kim Sellers PhD (Lumbee), Program Director Reading EducationKatie Fountain, Director
Ph: 910-738-4859
Ana Locklear, Librarian
Joanna S. Hunt, Principal
Dr. Rosmarie Marie Lowry TownsendLinda Goins, Director

Family/Child Literacy Program

At home is where readers are made. Reading Nation Waterfall will provide the books for free but it is essential adults read with their children at home EVERYDAY.


  • Spend 15 minutes every day reading – anything! You can read to yourself or read aloud with the family.
  • The most powerful ways to encourage young readers are also the simplest: talk with, listen to, read to, and write with your kids.
  • Gather a variety of print materials and read them aloud to your child: a recipe, a grocery bill, a calendar, labels, mail, phone messages, signs, magazines, newspapers, games, posters. Even if children do not understand all the words, if they can see the connection between text and your words, and you can both pay attention to the text.


  • Provide writing materials: crayons, pencils, charcoal, paper, even backs of mailed paper; have children copy letters or do “pretend” writing.
  • Write a new ending for a story you read or heard. Attach a photo to the middle of a paper. To the left of the phone, draw a picture and write what happened before the scene in the picture; then to the right of the photo, draw a picture and write what happened afterwards.
  • Collect or draw pictures about a topic such as seasons, animals, colors. Paste them on paper, and caption them.


  • Talk through activities you do. How do you cook, fix a car, do laundry, pull weeds, dress a child?
  • Tell stories. Tell a story about your pet or toy; use a stuffed animal to tell a story.


  • Sing songs to a child, and sing songs together.
  • Clap or dance to the rhythm of a song.
  • Make up new words to a song.
  • Make up actions to a song.


  • Play nursery rhyme games such as Peek-a-Boo, This Little Piggy, Itsy Bitsy Spider.
  • Draw the picture of a character or a place in a story you read or heard.
  • Act out a scene or a plot in a book you read or a story you heard.

Visit Your Local Library

Pembroke Branch
413 Blaine St
Pembroke, NC 28372
(910) 521-1554

Robeson County Public Library
101 N. Chestnut St
Lumberton, NC 28358

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