Reading Nation Waterfall Handout

Creating a Book Ecosystem in Your Community

Identify The Three Legs Of The School

  • Find partners in your community’s
    • Head Start
    • School Library
    • Tribal and Public Library
  • Work with librarian partner to curate a culturally relevant book list for different age groups

Little Free Library

Identify Source Of Books To Be Added To The Ecosystem

  • Community Organizations
    • Kiwanis Club

Cultural Competency Toolkit

Steps to Creating and Executing Toolkit

  1. Assemble a steering committee to determine needed steps in cultivating relationships between Indigenous partners and project members.
  2. Curate readings and educational media from reputable sources addressing communication, history, values, and struggles regarding Indigenous peoples involved in the project. Tailor materials to be relevant for your specific project, region, and goals.
  3. Require project members to review these educational materials prior to establishing contact with Indigenous partners to ensure culturally appropriate communication.

Suggested Core Topics

  • History of the land and peoples involved in your project.
  • Land acknowledgements.
  • Decolonization and Indigenization.
  • Cultural information about involved Indigenous peoples.
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