Direct monetary donations will be available again at a later date. Until then, please consider donating books to our partners via Amazon or local vendors.

Amazon Wish Lists

Each partner tribe has an Amazon wish list containing books that can be donated to their Little Free Libraries.

The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians

The Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina

Northern Cheyenne

Santo Domingo Pueblo


Yurok Tribe

Fill The Box! (November 2022)

In recognition and honor of Native American Heritage Month and also in the spirit of giving for the Thanksgiving holiday, we have created the “Fill the Box” campaign with the singular goal of buying children books for preschool children at the five tribes that are participating in the Reading Nation Waterfall project using the Amazon wish lists provided below.

We want to especially profile the Northern Cheyenne Head Start little free library for this campaign as we know that they currently have ZERO books in their little free library which children and parents in their community walk by every day. LET’S FILL THE BOX!

We will share pictures of their little free library after the holidays and hopefully show a box stuffed with brand new books that WE purchased for them.

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