Yurok Students Book Buddy Connections

On April 16, 2024, pre-K students from the Yurok Head Start paired with their third-grade book buddies from Margaret Keating Elementary School for their second Book Buddy event of the year. During the event, third grade students read to the preschool book buddies, and all students received 8 free books to take home to enjoy. A previous Book Buddy event was held on March 18th, where 208 books were distributed to participating students – 10 books for each of the 16 pre-K students, and 3 books each for the 16 third grade students. The event has generated a lot of excitement from both students and teachers, and Reading Nation Waterfall is thrilled to know that students are sharing the joy of reading and heading home with more books to continue reading with their families.

Reading Nation Waterfall is grateful to Unite for Literacy for partnering with us to deliver affordable and appropriate books for the young readers in our partner schools. Not only does Unite for Literacy offer books that are being distributed for free to each pre-K and third grade student in our partner Head Start and Elementary school, they also offer free e-books online as well, adding to the waterfall of books for each child. 

Click here to donate a book (or more!) to our partner Tribes, and add to the waterfall yourself – every book counts!

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