Empowering Tribal Communities: Impact of Reading Nation Waterfall’s Grant Project 2024 Update!

In its inaugural years, the Reading Nation Waterfall (RNW) grant project has made profound strides in uplifting various Native American tribes, fostering literacy, and celebrating cultural richness. 

The Yurok Tribe witnessed a surge in book giveaways for children, with over 200 books disseminated, alongside a vibrant collaboration with the language department, amplifying local artists, and nurturing budding authors. 

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Santo Domingo Pueblo Tribe flourished through tech tables, strategic partnerships, community-driven library initiatives, and Free Book Fairs, enriching lives through access to over 300 books. 

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The Northern Cheyenne Tribe’s innovative endeavors, from family events like a School Library Book Bingo, a Head Start graduation Book giveaway,  to a tech table and tablets, and a newly acquired IMLS grant for a preservation project called Seeking Immortality. All of this underscores their commitment to cultural heritage and education, distributing a remarkable 736 books. 

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Meanwhile, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians leveraged technology, athletics, and partnerships to disseminate a staggering 6,034 books, promoting literacy as a cornerstone of community development through adding tech tables to the Qualla Boundary Public Library, a successful reading log program at the elementary school, book giveaways, and by adding the Vonne and Shih-Rang Memorial Little Free Library. Buy a book for a student now from the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Amazon Wish List!

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